About Us
About Us

GTMEDIA is a brand that focuses on multimedia products, created by several experts who love multimedia products and focus on innovation and quality. The company's founding team graduated from China's top five universities and worked in the world's leading semiconductor companies with a deep understanding of chips, systems, technologies and products. The team is also empathetic, and the goal of the product is user convenience and ease of use, respect for different regions and different cultures.

The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, with a research and development center in Shanghai, and an after-sales service center and sales team in Spain.

GTMEDIA currently covers all types of set top boxes, satellite, terrestrial, cable, network boxes, mobile devices, ECOS and Android systems, cloud services, mobile phones and tablet APP. The GTMEDIA R&D team continues to develop newer and cooler products.


GTGUARD is a new brand of the company, focusing on personal care products. Water flossers and electric toothbrushes have been developed. The GTGUARD R&D team continues to develop newer and cooler products.
GTHUB is a new brand of the company, focusing on adapter/hub/dockingproducts. There are also many products on the market.

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