GTMEDIA V8 Finder BT05

GT MEDIA BT05 Satellite Finder Satellite Recognition with BT Digital Satellite Measuring Device for Precise Alignment of Satellite Antennas - Recharge
Description Package included

Brief Function:

1. DVB Finder DVB-S2 Multi standard demodulation & decoding
2. BT connection support Android and IOS
3. Full satellite selection, quick search for blind channels for RF rate and symbol rate acquisition
4. Built-in lithium battery 2200mAh, it can work continuously for two hours when it is full charged.
5. LNB short circuit prompt, overload protection


BT05 simple operation guide

1. Download V8 FINDER APP to the mobile phone, then turn on the BT to match the BT05 with your phone
2. Connect the BT05 to the satellite antenna pot through a cable, and then adjust the position of the satellite pot
until locate it in a optimum according to the signal indicator on the APP

Indicator light

Bluetooth: blue (flashing: not connected, normally on: connected)
Charging: Green light: Power indication (when flashing means low power)
Charging: red light: charging indicator (long bright means full charge)
Normally works for 2 hours (5V / 2A original adapter test)

1*DVB Finder BOX
1*Power adapter
1*DC USB cable
1*Multilingual Instruction Manual

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