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The crowdfunding campaign for Hawkeye Ai15 on indiegogo has been launched.
The most cost-effective thermal imaging night vision device. It is currently being launched through crowdfunding on indiegogo, and everyone is welcome to participate in the crowdfunding. The current crowdfunding price will be 40% lower than the final retail price on the market.
Our new product GTMedia Hawkeye Ai15 thermal imaging monocular night vision device is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Users who participate in the crowdfunding now can enjoy a 40% early bird discount and the price is only $359. Interested users can participate in crowdfunding through the following link

Thermal imaging night vision devices can penetrate the darkness, offering people a new way to see the world. Thermal imaging is the 'eye of the night,' capable of penetrating through darkness, glare, fog, and dense smoke, serving as an important extension of human vision. It can meet the needs for clear vision in low-light or completely dark environments and has a wide range of applications in outdoor leisure, night observation, search and rescue, security surveillance, industrial monitoring, scientific research, and more.

However, the prices of similar products on the current market are generally high, resulting in reduced purchasing power of users and great economic pressure. Many users hope to find cheaper alternatives. Therefore, we designed this cost-effective AI thermal imaging monocular night vision device to provide a multifunctional, efficient and reliable tool to meet the observation needs of different users for objects or environments in various environments, while also Meet users’ price needs.

AI super-resolution technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) and thermal imaging technology to enhance image signal processing (ISP). This technology is empowered by AI's deep learning technology to achieve super-resolution processing in the field of thermal imaging. It processes low-resolution thermal imaging images through algorithms to reconstruct high-resolution images, thereby improving thermal imaging. Imaging clarity and detail.

Hawkeye Ai15 is equipped with a 256 sensor and uses AI super-resolution technology to improve the display quality to a level comparable to a 384 sensor. Users can enjoy a higher quality experience at a lower cost. It allows you to identify targets more accurately at night or in bad weather conditions; it can improve the clarity and recognition capabilities of the monitoring system and enhance safety precautions; it can be used to study the thermal radiation characteristics of objects in more detail, etc. This transformative feature transforms the dark night into a vibrant canvas with clarity and detail. Whether you're observing elusive wildlife, nighttime landscapes or exploring your surroundings, the Hawkeye Ai15's AI capabilities ensure every detail is captured with stunning clarity and precision.

Unleash the explorer within you and delve into the secrets hidden by the night.

When the sun sets, the adventure doesn't stop. With the exceptional thermal imaging night vision capabilities of the Hawkeye Ai15, you can explore the night in an unprecedented way.

The Hawkeye Ai15 equipped with a 15mm lens, provides a wider field of view and longer focal length, allowing users to observe targets at a greater distance while maintaining image clarity. It can more clearly distinguish between targets and the background, enhancing the accuracy of target recognition.

A key factor that often determines the success of nighttime exploration is the battery life of the thermal imaging night vision device. A device that loses power mid-way can abruptly end your mission and leave your exploration unfinished. With the Hawkeye Ai15, you don't have to worry about power issues interrupting your journey into the world of night.

Powered by an integrated high-capacity rechargeable 4000mAh lithium battery, the Hawkeye Ai15 provides an impressive runtime for users, ensuring your exploration is not interrupted.

When the Wi-Fi hotspot and AI super-resolution are not turned on, the device can operate for up to 10 hours, allowing for extended exploration without the need for frequent recharging. This extended battery life ensures that you can immerse yourself in the full-color splendor of the night, capturing numerous nocturnal wonders without worrying about the battery draining quickly. Essentially, with the Hawkeye Ai15, your nighttime exploration becomes a journey of discovery, limited not by time or power, but only by the distance you wish to explore.

The DVR function, along with the built-in large capacity 32GB memory storage, allows for the recording of up to 26 hours of video, giving you the freedom to record videos without worrying about running out of storage space. Additionally, the type-C port can connect to a microphone, enabling the direct capture of on-site sounds. This ensures that the recorded videos not only have clear visuals but also high-quality audio. With your commentary, these videos will become more exciting and more meaningful.

The Hawkeye Ai15 comes with a variety of preset application scenarios, such as Normal mode, Bird Watching mode, Rainforest mode, Forest mode, City mode, Outline mode, and more. These presets enhance the device's adaptability, ease of operation, performance optimization, and work efficiency, ensuring a high-quality thermal imaging experience for users in various complex environments.

Ai15 actual shooting effect

The Hawkeye Ai15 offers offers multiple color mode options, including White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Iron Red Hot, and Green Hot. These color modes use different color mapping techniques to transform the thermal radiation emitted by objects into visual images, helping users to more intuitively understand and analyze thermal imaging data.

Different color modes can emphasize or highlight specific information in thermal imaging. For instance, the 'White Hot' mode is commonly used for general observation as it provides a more natural visual experience; the 'Black Hot' mode is suitable for observing wildlife at night because it better highlights the thermal contours of animals; the 'Red Hot' mode helps to reduce interference from bright background light, making the target more prominent. The 'Iron Red Hot' mode enhances the temperature contrast between various objects, presenting a clear color difference between objects of different temperatures in the image; the 'Green Hot' mode is suitable for long-distance observation as it provides better visual contrast and clarity.

The Type-C interface of Hawkeye Ai15 can be directly connected to the handheld external screen  without the need for complicated adapters. The handheld external screen is easy to carry, can display the image captured by the thermal imaging device in real time, and can be easily moved with the thermal imaging device, suitable for outdoor and tactical applications, providing users with additional perspectives or information. In addition, the Type-C interface of Hawkeye Ai15 can also be used for charging, connecting to a computer, or connecting to HDMI devices.

The Hawkeye Ai15 is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot module, which allows the monocular telescope to be connected to a smartphone via the Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling real-time image acquisition on the APP. Users can take advantage of the portability of their mobile phones to view night vision footage anytime and anywhere, enhancing the convenience, real-time capabilities, and efficiency of surveillance. Additionally, videos can be easily shared with others, facilitating collaboration and information transfer, and improving work efficiency.

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